The range of consulting services provided by the Center is quite comprehensive. Through his consulting services the Center supports companies to solve effectively the problems accompanying the following processes:

  • Company establishment ,
  • Company reorganization,
  • Company liquidation,
  • Company’s pre-investment analysis and evaluation,
  • Elaboration of business plans,
  • Business evaluation,
  • Drafting of shareholders’ agreements,
  • Clarification of shareholders’ rights,
  • Elaboration of companies corporate governance structure,
  • Organization of the activities of companies management and control bodies,
  • Election of members of the board of directors, executive body and corporate secretaries.
  • Elaboration of companies’ corporate policies and documents,
  • Realization of companies’ corporate events (securities issue, extraordinary contracts, share purchase, redemption, consolidation, split, etc.).
  • Evaluation of the role of employees in corporate governance system,
  • Corporate culture development and management,
  • Stakeholders’ mapping,
  • Compiling annual reports,

Selection of channels for disclosure of corporate information, etc.